Used Cooking Oil Collector

    Used cooking oil is one of the commodities that used to be not very much in demand, but now used cooking oil is a bone of contention because of the renewable energy program from the government or renewable energy producers in Europe or Asia.

    Petrus Tokan is one of the collectors of used cooking oil or UCO from Bekasi, West Java, he has been in this business for generations from before this business was carried out by his parents named Mr. alloy.

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As time goes by, this effort is now being continued by him. Since 2012 Mr. Petrus started to continue

his parents' business and now has his own even though it's still simple and rented

to a resident of the area.

"At first I tried to get involved in the world of collecting used cooking oil waste because of economic needs and I had a debt to moneylenders, after I joined and tried this business, thank God, now my debt is paid off and now I

He left his initial job and focused on collecting used oil from small traders," he said.